Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chapel at Eygalières 2

This is a second attempt on the same subject. I wanted to make the chapel more prominent by bringing it closer and painting it in more vibrant colors.


Greta Millwood said...

Blaga, you are so talented!!!
I like this painting - the contrast between the bare and lonely tree in the foreground, bending over the path and the brick (?) chapel with the other green tree in the background has a strange affect. I don't know why I would have expect the chapel to be white washed :)...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Greta, I’m glad you liked the picture.
The chapel walls are aged stone, so it looks mostly gray, but it can change its color depending on the light. There is some orange stucco too, and I exaggerated it to make the overall colors warmer – like a late afternoon view.
Thank you again for visiting and I hope you come back soon,