Sunday, July 12, 2015


Toronto's skyline 20 years ago, watercolor 38 x 28 cm
This summer marks twenty years since my husband and I came to Canada. I will always remember the first scary days, when I felt like we have landed on Mars and there was no way back. Now, twenty years later, this is definitely my home.
And here is how this home has changed too. The top view is the city skyline back then, as seen from the port. Below is how it looks now. In the last few years high-rises have been growing like mushrooms in downtown. Everything changes...

Toronto's skyline - now, watercolor 38 x 28 cm
Here is another version of the Flatiron building from the previous post. This one is done almost entirely with ultramarine, brown madder and raw sienna. I also changed slightly the composition and did it more loosely.
Toronto's Flatiron building 2, watercolor, 40 x 52 cm (n/a)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Toronto's Flatiron building

Toronto's Flatiron Building, watercolor 40 x 52 cm
One of Toronto's iconic landmarks, still looking the way it did 120 years ago, although now surrounded by a forest of high-rises. Its real name is the Gooderham building, after the name of it's original owner. Flatiron is a description of its shape. There are a number of those in North America and around the world. Toronto's is one of the earlier examples and is quite prominent and attractive in its setting.

Toronto's Flatiron building, charcoal sketch