Sunday, July 28, 2013

Andalucia 2

Wine Gate at Alhambra, watercolor, 32 x 42 cm
Gates of Anadalucia 2, watercolor, 28 x 38 cm
When I now look at these two paintings they seem like the works of two different people, and not because of the quality of the photos. The top one is really this bright and contrasting. I was trying to depict the scene in its early morning light with the sharp edges and emphasized colors. I like the result with its almost acrylic look. But I also like the much softer quality of the more typical watercolor at the bottom, which is not about light, but rather textures and patterns. I used some watercolor pencils for that too.

It is hard for me to find time for painting and blogging now that the weather is warm and being outdoors is irresistible. So, forgive me if I am late to visit your blogs. Have a lovely week!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gates of Andalucia

Gates of Andalucia, watercolor, 42 x 32 cm
These two gates were not on the same street, not even in the same town, but I like them together.
I tried this subject a number of times. Initially without pencil drawing, which was a disaster, as everything was ending up crooked and disproportionate. Then, with a drawing, it was turning out like a paint-by-the-number thing. In the end I liked this result with the distinct directional brushstrokes and putting the colors on the paper instead of pre-mixing them. I would like to try a bit looser style next, maybe...