Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maltese balconies

Maltese balconies, watercolor 23 x 30 cm
These enclosed wooden balconies are one of the very typical characteristics of the Maltese architecture. Some are painted in bright colors, others have been neglected for decades. Some have elaborate carvings and decorations. Most are the size of a small balcony yet some of them are large and curve around the corner of the buildings. They are everywhere, sometimes hundreds of them in just one view.

Street in Valletta, charcoal sketch
Maltese balconies, charcoal sketch

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Valletta from the sea 1, watercolor 54 x 30 cm
Valletta from the sea 4,  watercolor 30 x 23 cm
A poisonous atmosphere at work has been killing my desire to paint and draining my creative energy for a couple of years now. Painting makes me feel better, but like today, often I have to force myself to take the brush. I'm glad I did, as I feel much better now.
These are four attempts at a view of Valletta, from a photo I took last month when approaching the city from the sea. It was an early morning, when the sea was still very calm. There were beautiful reflections in the water. I tried slightly different techniques, although in the end they all look very similar. There is something I like in each one, but most importantly, I enjoyed painting them.

Valletta from the sea 2, watercolor 40 x 30 cm

Valletta from the sea 3, watercolor 30 x 23 cm