Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sea studies

I have been putting off learning to paint sea waters, waves and foam, so these are my first attempts - small size studies, just to try some colors and brushstrokes. A bit messy, a bit overworked, but not terribly bad, I think. And I love the sunny summery mood.


Jane said...

Wow Blaga, excellent studies...they are all very nice, but I specially like the first one that really shows the strength of the wave. Brava!

Judy said...

Wow, they are great! What a good idea to do this exercise!

Elvi said...

bellissimi tutti e tre. Il primo e il terzo per il movimento delle onde proprio ben riuscito e il secondo per l'acqua che arriva sulla sabbia della spiaggia. Complimenti. Elvi

Carol Blackburn said...

I really like the middle one with the wet sand. What a fun thing to do.

Blaga said...

Thank you Jane! In the first one I had some problems with paint drying too fast and forming hard edges. But in the end it looked quite decent. I'm proud that I didn't use any masking, gouache or pencil in it. (There is some gouache in the third picture.)

Judy, I think they turned out well because I did them fast and really didn't care what will come out :)

Grazie Elvi! I just followed my reference photos, but I am finding some brushstrokes that work well for this subject. As well as some that don't.

Carol, I am also intrigued by the water calmly washing the sand. I may try this subject again and see if I can improve on the color of the wet sand. BTW the scanner changed the yellow ocher into a much reddish shade than it actually is.

nevena said...

Много се радваме на твоята сила да експериментираш по различни начини с разнообразните теми! Със сигурност получаваш удовлетворение от цялостния резултат. Хармонията на цветовете носи голяма енергия, с която зареждаш не само себе си, но и нас!

Целуваме те,
батко Митковите

П.С. Вода има (aqua-рел), действай!

Blaga said...

Невена, радвам се, че експериментите ми са ви интерсни и ви доставят удоволствие. Допусках, че Димтърът особено ще се наслади на морската серия.
Добре.... потапям се :)