Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lavender in October

That's right, lavender! I did pick a whole bunch of it from my yard today. Thanks to the efforts of horticulturalists, now days we can enjoy flowers with a really long and sometimes unusual blooming periods. For example, there is a white iris in my garden, which is about to flower. Yes, now, at the end of October... if the frost doesn't dampen its enthusiasm. ( For those who don't get it, all respectable irises flower only in the spring.) Well, I knew it was a re-blooming type and that's why I planted it, but it still amazed me when I saw its flower buds a week ago. So, here's the prospect - I'll either be painting a white iris in November, or - white snow. Whichever comes first ;-)


sidmar said...

so pretty Blaga, love these lavenders.

AK said...

Really nice. Love the simplicity of the work.

Lydie said...

Very delicate your flowers.

Judy said...

Lovely lavender! I hope it is the iris first, not the snow!

Jane said...

We can't trust anything anymore :-)) I love how your style is getting more and more loose, greatly painted!

Blaga said...

Thank you, sidmar! I'm glad to "meet" you!

I have been wondering about you, Asit. Glad to see you back in the blog space! And thank you for leaving a comment! I am also happy that I managed to leave this simple.

Thank you, Lydie! I'm glad you like it.

Thank you, Judy! I'm hoping for the iris too :)

Hey, Jane, I did it this time - got it simple and loose! So proud with myself... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Много хубав акварел!

Godo said...

Bonjour Blaga

really a very nice interpretation of this lavender bouquet. You are lucky to have still some at this time of the year. Here in Provence they cut it in July and August.
The oblique dominance in the painting gives a dynamic feeling (as if the Mistral were blowing on it).
a bientot
Godo (thanks for listing my site on your Blog!)

Blaga said...

Анонимен, благодаря!

Merci, Godo, pour vos commentaires très encourageants! Je trouve les paysages provençaux des champs de lavande très inspirant et un jour je vais essayer mes pinceaux sur eux.