Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Turkish landscape

I was hesitant to put this title, as I am hardly capable of depicting the beauty of the nature I saw. My first pleasant surprise in Turkey was the beautiful and diverse landscape. For some reason I've allways thought that once crossing the Bosphorus,  you enter the arid desert of the Anatolian plateau. This is so far from the truth. There are luscious green valleys surrounded by high mountains, whose peaks were still covered with snow. It was a delight to watch the lovely pattern of differently colored agricultural fields - some freshly plowed and exposing the orange-reddish soil, while the others ranging  through all shades of green and yellow.

The view was changing too fast from the bus window, so I was trying to capture it with my camera. I must be the owner of the largest number of photos of road-side posts and shrubs. You know how these always manage to get into the frame, while you try to focus on something in the distance.

Here are a few of my attempts to transform those landscapes into watercolors.

The Meander valley, Arches 35 x 18 cm
Snow-capped mountains near Bursa, Arches 40 x 30 cm
Near Bursa, Arches 35 x 25 cm
Olive garden, Arches 40 x 25 cm


Rita Vaselli said...

Hello Blaga!A series of beautiful landscapes! The trip and the stop painting now gives wonderful fruits! I love the great perspectives and great sense of spaces of your landscapes. BRAVA!!!

Judy said...

Beautiful landscapes and wonderful paintings, Blaga! Great perspective in all of them, I love the last one with the rows of plants!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous set of paintings, Blaga. I love the freshness of all of these and I'm sure you have captured the beauty of the place. Welcome back!

renate said...

Hello Blaga:) An atempt? They are beautiful Blaga! I didn't know Turkey is that beautiful. You did a great job on these paintings!

Tito said...

What a beautiful landscapes, Blaga! You did a fantastic job with your brushes, I think you have captured the essential of this nice places. Ciao!

Blaga said...

Thank you, Rita! I am glad that you like them. Actually, I started off too rigid and my first couple of landscapes looked sort of “plastic”. Then gradually loosened up. Apparently the pause did have a negative effect too :)

Thank you, Judy! The last one... he-he, I was happy with it, until my husband called it "the lavender field" and a friend said it's "rows of veggies". Well, maybe it's not olive trees after all. I'll do olive trees some other time ;)

Thank you, Michael, for your so positive comment! I wanted to produce looser and richer images that convey a sense of lushness and greenness. I'm glad if I managed to do that partially. And, I am so happy to be back too!

Renate, you are so nice! :) When I started painting, I was discouraged that I couldn’t put on the paper what I saw in my head and I was afraid that I wasn't doing justice to the beauty I saw. But gradually my brushstrokes were loosening up. And as usual, the larger sizes turned more rigid, and the smaller, where the expectations were lower, turned out looser and better.
Thank you, for your nice words!

Thank you, Tito! As I mentioned above, I couldn't reproduce what I saw in my mind, but I feel that I'm getting back on track.

Jane said...

Beautiful landscapes , I love how you caught the great distances creating a wonderful depth .

Lydie said...

You make me want to travel ... beautiful landscapes and great job.

Floriana Quaini said...

Ciao Blaga,
very very good work! Turkisch people will buy all your paints because show their country really beatiful!
Ciao, un abbraccio, Floriana


this are great blaga !