Monday, July 2, 2012

Rowing and more Yupo experiments

 This is a small sketch of a Canada Day rowing regatta on the Toronto island.

Watercolor on paper

And some more experiments with Yupo. I still have trouble with fingerprints, despite the attempts to clean them with alcohol. Any pressure on the surface leaves a mark which then acts as resist too. Nice thing is that wax crayons work well for contours. Slightly soapy water causes all the pigment to move away very rapidly. It is so uncontrollable, but it is exiting to play with it nevertheless.

Watercolor and crayon on yupo

Watercolor on yupo. It really causes ultramarine to granulate


Judy said...

Hi Blaga! Lovely sketch! I like your yupo experiments, interesting effects! Esp. the third one is beautiful with those bright colors!

Jane said...

The rowing scene is really great, wonderful movement and the Yupo's have got some fantastic colors, specially love the flower.

Rita Vaselli said...

Experimenting is so funny! It 'a little' how to play! And then there were pleasant surprises like these your watercolors, Blaga!

Tito said...

Hi Blaga, lovely these two sketches on Yupo's. To me, the last one is really wonderful. Ciao!

Sadami said...

Dear Blaga,
Your sketches are lovely, which make me smile. I see... the yupo makes very interesting effects. The third one is really charming!Thank you for sharing the info.
Best wishes, Sadami

renate said...

Hello Blaga:) Your rowing scene is beautiful. Love the reflections in the water. Very nice!
Your Yupo's are so nice! If you see the pictures bigger it makes you adjust the beautiful effects that the paint has on Yupo. Stunning!

Floriana Quaini said...

Ciao Blaga, I like very much the last one because the colours are fantastic and give an oniric atmosphere very great!
But I like also the others works and your paintures are very nice!
Cia, abbracci, Floriana

Blaga said...

Thank you, Judy, I also like the last one. Although my idea was a seascape, Yupo was of a different opinion and now everybody sees something different in it :)

Thank you, Jane! We share the love for flowers.

Yes, Rita, experimenting is a lot of fun!

Thank you, Tito!

Thank you, Sadami! For me, painting on this surface is still completely unpredictable.

Thank you, Renate! I want to do some more work on reflections.
You are right, yupo is full of surprises! :)

Thank you, Floriana! I agree that the last one turned out really interesting. I wish i could learn to use the effects that this surface creates