Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still at the Olympics

Discus thrower, watercolor, 22 x 32 cm

High jump, watercolor, 32 x 22 cm


Sharon Whitley said...

These are superb! I intended to do some of this sort of thing for the Olympics but never got round to it - but certainly will at some point, yours are so inspiring, have enjoyed them all!

Rita Vaselli said...

How beautiful works inspired by the Olympic Games!Painting the motion has no more secrets for you, Blaga!

Sadami said...

Hi, Blaga,
It's lovely. I particularly like the first work. Go, go, Blaga!
Cheers, Sadami

renate said...

Hello Blage:) Each time you amaze me more. The discus throwers is beautiful. You can see his muscles. So beautiful. And then the high jump. You captured the feeling of Olympics right here. Love this serie!

Blaga said...

Thank you, Sharon! It just so happened that the games coincided with my current interest in painting motion.

Thank you, Rita! It's been an exciting series and I'm glad that I kept my interest in it for a while.

Thank you, Sadami, your cheers are always very encouraging :)

Thank you, Renate! I'm glad you mentioned the high jump. I had trouble with its background on my first attempt (no pun intended) but I'am quite proud with the way I solved that in this second one - wet-in-wet, hinting the presence of the public.

Tito said...

Hi Blaga, what a beautiful series of Olimpic paintings I have found here. These last two are really beautiful, very difficult to say which one I prefer, I would say the High jump, the background is fantastic. Ciao!

irinapictures said...

It is so difficult to draw the motion, the tension of the human body. You do great.