Thursday, June 20, 2013

A gardener's passion

Peonies 5, watercolor, 38 x 28 cm
Peonies 4, watercolor, 38 x 28 cm
When I came back from my trip, I found the little garden in my yard totally transformed and about to burst into blooms. Each day new flowers show their pretty faces and smile at the sun. After spending a few days weeding, trimming and cleaning up the flowerbeds, I had to start painting them. Peonies proved quite challenging for me, they kept coming out looking like roses, so I had to keep trying.
The peonies are almost done blooming now, but there are so many other flowers in bloom. I have to move on to them. Maybe if I try roses, they will turn out like peonies :)

Peonies 3, watercolor, 38 x 28 cm
Peonies 2, watercolor, 38 x 28 cm
Peonies 1, watercolor, 38 x 28 cm


Christine said...

Quel joli bouquet de fleurs et quel superbe travail. Bravo

Polly Birchall said...

These are so yummy. You definitely have that full cup shape of peonies. Your garden must have looked so lovely.

Jane said...

Peonies are just the most beautiful flowers and you painted them stunningly, really love how you did them ! xox

Judy said...

All so very beautiful, Blaga! They are such complicated flowers, you did a fabulous job!

Fortu said...

Felicidades por estas acuarelas tan preciosas!!!

Blaga said...

Merci, Christine, je suis très heureux que tu les aime

I'm very glad that you see the peonies, Polly :) I kept doubting them. In the end I think it's the more round shapes and curlier petals that I tried to emphasise

That's true, Jane, Peonies are lovely. I wish I had more room in the yard for more kinds of them. Thank you!

Thank you, Judy! I decided to stick to the same subject until I get a satisfactory result (and while the model is still alive) I think, persistence paid off :)

Gracias, Fortu, por sus amables palabras

Isabelle said...

yes persistence paid off.your poenies ares so lovely.this flower is so difficulte,your number 4 is specialy beautifull,loose and tonic

Merce Ares said...

Hola Blaga: Ten han quedado preciosas las peonias, bien distinguidas de las rosas pues los pétalos son más planos. Felicitaciones.!!!!

cathyswatercolors said...

Beautiful Blaga lost and found edges really something.

Rita Vaselli said...

A blooming exciting! Nothing is more beautiful than painting the flowers born of your own garden!Dear Blaga,a wonderful collection, from first to last!

Lydie said...

Oh, OH OOOOHHH j'en ai les yeux tout éblouis ! C'est magnifique Blaga :)


a treat for you blaga many beautiful studies

Sadami said...

Hi, Blaga, your both styles realistic (April 20) and loose are very eye pleasant. Congrats! What a lucky lady you are! You can enjoy such beauty everyday.
Best wishes, Sadami

Blaga said...

Thank you, Isabelle, glad you like the one. #4 and #5 are my favourite too.

Gracias, Mercedes, me alegro de que usted ve al sujeto que se inteneded

Thank you, Cathy, more water and less fiddling seemed to do the work

I'm very glad you like the series, Rita. I seldom have the patience to stick to a subject for so long.

Thank you, Lydie, for your so flattering exclamations :) I'm very glad you like them.

It is true, Jane, I was having lots of fun painting them. Thank you for your comment!

Thank you, Sadami! It is really great to have flowers growing around you. gardening take much time and effort, but I can't resist it.