Thursday, August 29, 2013

Music is in their blood

I've been doing these quick direct sketches and really enjoying them. When I don't do a pencil drawing, I feel that I'm really just sketching and the result is much looser and more spontaneous.
Flamenco guitarists, watercolor sketch
With the first one I did everything wrong - started with the figure in the back and had to leave white space for the white of the foreground figure. But in the end I quite liked the result.

Street musicians, watercolor sketch
The second doesn't have a particularly good composition, but I remember I liked the music these guys were playing.

Accordionist, watercolor sketch
The first attempt on this subject produced a man with such an enormous head, he looked like a cartoon. This is the second try.


Merce Ares said...

Hola Blaga: Muy buenos las tres acuarelas donde lograste una pintura espontánea, fresca y limpia. Preciosos los colores empleados!! Saludos!!

Rita Vaselli said...

Dear Blaga, the figures are so fresh and spontaneous!!! Moments captured with great style, especially in the more complex composition.Your direct painting leaves me truly admired of your skilled talent!

Tito said...

Hi Blaga, I have found these three sketches beautiful and interesting, to me, the first one is "super". Ciao!

Polly Birchall said...

Really, really skillful.

Lydie said...

Le résultat m'impressionne. C'est très bon . J'espère en voir beaucoup d'autres ;) Bisous !

Sadami said...

Dear Blaga,
Wonderful! I have no doubt. Sooner or later, you'll ejoy more spontaneous and lively watercolour.
Best wishes, Sadami

Jean Lurssen said...
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Jean Lurssen said...

These three sketches are wonderful. They have lots of mood and they are nice and loose yet you captured their expressions well.