Sunday, March 9, 2014

A change of tactic

Winter Fields 1, watercolor 26 x 18 cm
Winter Fields 2, watercolor 26 x 18 cm
It occurred to me that maybe Winter would be more inclined to bow and leave the stage if I showed some respect. So, "Dear Winter, your performance this year was so exceptional, you managed to impress even the most indifferent observers! I admit that the snow-covered fields do have their charm."
These are two scenes from a little area on my daily commute to work that still resists the building sprawl.


Paulo Gonçalves said...

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Congratulations for your work!! An interesting and nice blog!!
Good luck with your blog
Greetings from Algarve, Portugal
Paulo Gonçalves

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Polly Birchall said...

Now you have honoured winter by painting it's lovely colours, I am sure he will leave so that the colours of Spring will come your way

Judy said...

Very beautiful winter scenes with beautiful washes, Blaga! The blue shadows are delicious!
We had a very soft winter, almost no winter at all. Today the temperature even reached 20 degrees C, it is definitely spring here. I wish your spring will come soon!

Beatriz Abel said...

Estas acuarelas con nieve tienen un gran encanto, son muy sutiles los colores y los paisajes trasmiten tranquilidad y silencio, me gustan

Lydie said...

Snow is beautiful to paint, and your watercolors with blue shadows are very pretty.
I hope you will soon see spring arrive. Kisses.

Merce Ares said...

Hola Blaga: Hermosas acuarelas e impecable en su ejecución. Preciosas!!! Un saludo

Jane said...

Snow covered fields definitely have their charm and yours are absolutely beautiful...but I can understand your getting fed up , too much of a good thing can be bad. Wish you lots of sun :-)

Rita Vaselli said...

The snowfields have charm, and you have painted perfectly this sense of greatness white, with your brilliant watercolors!
We had many winters with snow and white fields day after day ... but this year has only snowed a lot in the mountains, luckily for me! I wish you soon spring,dear Blaga!

Blaga said...

Thank you, dear friends, for the nice comments and for your compassion ;) I'm sure that your wishes will help bring the spring over


These a are beautifully done Blaga ...hope you paint more before the snow melts .... You,ve been working really hard with your Spanish street scenes and portrait

Sadami said...

Hi, Blaga,
I love these watercolour paintings so much that tell me an atmospher very well. I've grown up in a snowy area and know it very well. Simple and nice!
Cheers, Sadami