Sunday, February 5, 2017

Strength in numbers

Strength in numbers, acrylic on canvas panel 22 x 18 cm (n/a)
Acrylics continue to be an interesting challenge for me. It is a bit of a battle with the cheaper paints I'm using. Mostly hues instead of the true pigments, so they are more transparent that they should be. My red is "cadmium red hue" and it is a cool color, so I had to mix it with orange to make it more red. on the other hand I find that if I use more expensive materials while learning, it makes me stiff and the results are not so good.

Red apple, acrylic study on cardboard 22 x 15 cm

Pear, acrylic study on cardboard 22 x 15 cm


Jane said...

I love these works, cheap or not cheap colors, the results are excellent ! I like how you placed the basket with the peppers.

Judy said...

I love the basket with the peppers! Lovely vibrant mix of red!

Sadami said...

Blaga, your paintings are wonderful! I love them all. If you were a next door, I'd ask you to teach me how to do it. The cost of materials is a headache though, your result is lovely. Look forward to a next. Btw, I'm very busy with colour roughs for "Socks," a picture book project. Best wishes, Sadami

Rita Vaselli said...

Battle that you nice!!!Warm hugs,Rita