Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy vases

Happy vases 1, acrylic 23 x 18 cm

Happy vases 2, acrylic 23 x 18 cm
The stress at work has been draining my energy, so I haven't painted much lately. I love these bright little vases. The frosted glass they are made of proved challenging. It wasn't easy to detect the difference in values that light and shade create. I can think of much more interesting compositions with them, so maybe I'll get back to them again later


Sadami said...

Hi, Blaga, not bad! So sorry. The stress at work is not easy. I hope you can relax yourself. Please take care. Best wishes, Sadami

Jane said...

These are happy vases indeed and I think you succeeded very well in creating the frosted look, well done !

Judy said...

These look beautiful, Blaga! You captured the frosted glass very well! Glad to see that you can de-stress a little by painting!