Friday, January 7, 2011

Acqua Alta

High Waters in Venice
I haven't been in Venice during the high waters, but someone I know did, and I used their photos as a reference.
I was a bit hesitant to start this due to the complexity of the buildings. I had to simplify them and to force myself not to fiddle. Easy to say!. Also when I do larger paintings (this is 13" x 17" or 33 x 43 cm) like every rookie I tend to stiffen. To make things simpler, I used only three colors for most of the painting - ultramarine, raw sienna and burnt sienna, then added some alizarin crimson for the red details in the foreground.Well, I think it turned out OK.


Yves said...

Beaucoup de belles choses sur ce blog, ce sujet me plaît particulièrement. Très bonne continuation.

Anonymous said...

Merci Yves, pour votre visite et commentaire. Je respecte beaucoup votre avis.
Peut être j’étais influencée de votre première aquarelle de Venise quand j’ai choisi cette photo.
Je trouve Venise bien fascinante et je apprécie beaucoup votre série de ce sujet, que est encore un peu trop complique pour moi.