Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weeping all the way...

Willow Lane in spring

Willow Lane - tonal sketch
Every day I pass trough this lane, lined with a row of mature weeping willows. Beautiful trees! Especially when the wind makes all the twigs fly in one direction, as if the whole tree is dancing. These are the first trees to change color in late winter - the bare twigs turn yellowy-green. That's when you know that the spring is not very far away and soon the leaves will dress the trees in a beautiful chartreuse. In the autumn, when the leaves fall, the tassels of twigs retain an orange color that contrasts with the almost black trunk and branches.

I did this picture last night, but wasn't sure I liked enough the result. I didn't think I did the trees justice. Yet, today I decided that it doesn't look that bad. I'm sure I'll try this subject again, maybe in different seasons.

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