Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ground squirrel

Ground squirrel in Banff  (28 x 26 cm)

We met this curious little guy in the Rockies a few years ago. He saw us eating chocolate and insisted we must share. We knew it was not good to feed the wild animals, but he was so persistent, he practically got in my lap. Couldn't resist and gave him a little piece and he allowed us to take a few pictures of him in return.
Ground Squirrel - sketch

"I love Swiss chocolate!"


Jane said...

What a nice little fellow, excellently painted... I am astonished at how tame and unafraid he was. I have a lot of them in my garden in Denmark, but they won't come near you... just run from one nut tree to the other! Have a nice day Blaga.

Lydie said...

Friendly small company ... and great memories of Banf, so wonderful place. Beautiful watercolor!

Judy said...

What a nice memory! Beautifully painted!

Ha said...

Very nice indeed! He did a great job posing :) Nice job with his eye... It looks alive :)

Blaga said...

Thank you, Jane! Apparently these guys were very used to tourists, who always have some food with them.

Lydie, Banff and the Rockies are really very beautiful, especially in the summer.

Thank you, Judy!

You're right, Ha, he was a good model - bribes can do wonders :)