Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grey Squirrel

Squirrels are frequent visitors in my back yard, especially when there are seeds in the bird-feeder. They hang and swing on the feeder until all seeds fall to the ground. Then they can pick whatever they like from the seed mix.
Last summer a few self-seeded sunflowers grew in several spots in the yard. At one point their flower heads started disappearing. Then, one day I witnessed the "bandit" squirrel, who climbed up a sunflower, struggled with the flower until its stem snapped and bent to the ground. Then the little bandit cut the flower off, took it onto the fence and started eating it like a waffle. They are fun to watch, and a few times I've remembered to take a picture of them, like the one I used here.


AK said...

Totally agree with you, squirrels are fun to watch. Your rendering of this squirrel is equally interesting. Lovely.

Carol Blackburn said...

You did a most awesome job on this squirrel. As a watercolor, I've seen none better. Love your sketching.

Blaga said...

You are right Asit, they are easy to like. Thank you for visiting!

Wow, Carol, thank you! I didn't expect such reaction, I wasn't even sure about it, but then the more I looked at the picture, the more I liked it :)