Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to basics

This is a quick sketch of the kind of glass jars I use as water containers for painting.

It has been a year since I posted a photo of my, then brad new, improvised, studio in the basement. So, here is how it has changed since. The flimsy garden table is replaced by a decent one, and a tilting desk was added. There is storage for all paints and materials and a comfy chair. One of the best things about this basement setting is that I don't need to protect the floor and furniture from water and paint, and can concentrate solely on what happens on the paper.


Lynn Cohen said...

Delightful setting. And perfect glass vases for your water!

Judy said...

You painted the glass perfectly! Love your studio, the tilted desk is a great idea!

renate said...

Hi Blaga! Love these containers. So simple yet so beautiful. Very very nice!!
Your basement looks very cosy. A very good place to paint:)

Jane said...

Great transparence Blaga, you really get a feeling of the thickness of the glass. Your painting set up has improved probably also because you are feeling more and more serious about painting ; looks like a very good place to do your stuff. xx

Rita Vaselli said...

Hello Blaga.I'm Rita,from Italy,and I meet you on the blog friends Jane,Judy e Renate.I like your post ad your work!

Anonymous said...

Your glass paintings are wonderful. Nice that you don't have to worry about flying paint now. I have the same problem. It seems to land everywhere. My studio wall is now multicolored.

Blaga said...

Thank you, Lynn!

The tilted desk is meant for when I get to paint large sizes, Judy. This way I have no excuses, and will have to do it soon :)

Thank you, Renate, I appreciate your feedback!

I think you analyzed it right, Jane, I feel that I have made a progress and hence, deserve a more elaborate pace to work. I really feel very free painting there, though, maybe I'm getting used to being more messy, than I should :)

Hello, Rita! Welcome and very glad to "meet" you!

Thank you, Jane, for your comment! So, maybe the neatness is not just acquired, but maybe innate :) I definitely cannot be bothered to think about the surroundings when I paint, so I'm glad I don't have to.

AtelierBrigitte said...

You've painted the glass wonderful!