Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sun, sand and sea

Last week we took a break from winter at a sunny destination. I used the opportunity to do some plain air sketching. The colors of the sea were so enticing, I was constantly imagining the blues and greens mixing wet-in-wet.

The real challenge was sketching people. I had read somewhere that the best place to paint people is at the beach, as there people tend to maintain a position for a long time. So not true! The moment you start drawing someone, they move.

Nevertheless, I managed to do a few sketches. And, of course, took tons of photographs for future reference. 

Here are a few pages from my little sketchbook.

watercolor pencils


Lynn Cohen said...


Rita Vaselli said...

Dear Blaga,Where I live, an hour away is the RIVIERA but you could not swim without freezing!Lovely summer sketches!

Judy said...

Fabulous sketches, Blaga! And the sea painting is great, love the colors! Thanks for bringing us a bit of summer!

Tito said...

I like your beach sketches Blaga, they are so fresh, so simple, really delightful. Ciao!

Jane said...

These small paintings are really telling a story, well done my friend. How I envy you being by the sea!! xox

Lydie said...

Du soleil en hiver ! Quel bonheur !
Excellents ces croquis.

Blaga said...

Thank you, Lynn!

Rita, we were at the so called Mayan Riviera :) Winter is the time for trips to the Caribbean, as summer is their hurricane season. Thank you, for your nice comments!

Thank you, Judy! I hope that the first signs of spring show up at your doorstep soon.

I'm glad you liked them Tito! I realized what a challenge it is to draw and paint people from live.

Thank you, Jane! Yes, it was such a pleasure to wear just a beach dress and sandals for a few days. I didn't know that we'll have such a warm winter, when I booked this trip. It should have been all of you, poor frozen souls from Europe in my place :)

Merci, Lydie! Aller vers les Caraïbes en hiver est tout à fait habituelle pour les Canadiens. Cela aide à supporter les hivers longs et froids. L'été, ils passent dans les chambres climatisées se plaindre de la chaleur. Pas moi, j'aime la chaleur!

Sadami said...

Beautiful sketches! Take it easy and take your time. Let us have fun together.
Kind regards,Sadami