Monday, February 18, 2013

More sketching in the sun

Under the gray sky
The last day started with clouds and drizzle. I hid under a beach umbrella to paint this.
When once I shared with a friend my fear of painting outside, due to potential observers, she said "I love people watching me paint, they only say nice things." And she was right. Most passer-by-s last week would simply mind their own business. The few who stopped and looked at my activity, were very encouraging.

Here are the rest of my vacation sketches. Have a very nice week, everyone!

Flamingos, watercolor in a sketch-book

The straw umbrellas

These lanterns, situated along the path-ways in the resort
created a somewhat mystic atmosphere

Fruit and wine - a subject inside the room.
I completely failed with the bougainvillaea
flowers, but I like the bottle and am proud
with the glass, done without any masking
or white paint


irinapictures said...

It is so good that you had watercolor practice, double pleasure on vacation! I am afraid and shy of outdoor painting because of observers, too. It feels not so stressful when I am in the group of other sketchers.

Rita Vaselli said...

A seascape like true, fantastic!
I'm feel the essence of the sea! All these works are really special!
 (Dear Blaga, one of the biggest problems that I have to paint outside is the delicacy of my health in the environment.
Sun or wind or cold put me in trouble! I always hope in the spring where everything would be perfec...t if notthere were clouds of mosquitoes ...!)

AK said...

Love the texture of the rocks and the waves breaking. Fabulous.

Jane said...

Great sketches Blaga. I love the first one with the fierce sea and the last one which is a beautiful composition ! You should rightly be proud of the glass, it's very well done !

Lydie said...

The sea is very well painted, I can hear the splash of the waves.
I love your flamingos, they are so cute.

Sonia Aguiar said...

Hola Blaga. Tus acuarelas pintadas en el exterior son especialmente agradables, ya que transmiten naturalidad. También me gusta la composicion y combinación de colores de tu bodegón.
Un abrazo.


Estas trabajando mucho y muy bien.

Blaga said...

We'll get used to painting among people, Irina, we just have to keep doing it. Thank you for your comment!

You are right, Rita, the sun , the cold, the rain, the bugs... so many things can prevent one from painting outside. I had no excuse this time though :) Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you, Asit! I tried to add another foamy wave at the left, but turned out I don't have an opaque white in my travel kit - a lesson learned...

Thank you, Jane! It is a different experience when you pain with just the basic tools - paint, water and brush. Nice way to learn not to rely mush on helpers, like masking fluid and gouache.

Thank you, Lydie! I have been noticing so many things since I started painting. For example, the length of the flamingo neck. It's amazing!

Muchas gracias, Sonia y Ina! ! A pesar de pasar un tiempo en México, todavía no se puede formar una buena respuesta para usted en español, sin Google :)

renate said...

Hello Blaga:) Wow those waves are great, very realistic! The flamingos are beautiful. The colors are wonderful. You are right about the bottle and glas. Such a beautiful painting. Wonderful sketches, each of them. Have a nice weekend:)

Aquarellzauber said...

Sehr vielfältige Themen. Du kannst alles schön malen und es ist eine Freude für mich deine Bilder zu betrachten;-)

Sadami said...

Hi, Blaga,
All your paintings are lovely. Colours are beautiful. Among them, I love your frist work most. Come over Sydney and let's sketch together!
Cheers, Sadami

Blaga said...

Thank you, Renate, you are so nice!

Danke, Janina! Ich mag malen verschiedenen Themen, sonst hätte ich langweilig.

Sketching together in Sydney, wouldn't that be great, Sadami!? For now we'll do it virtually. It seems we already occasionally pick similar subjects :)