Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter scene

Winter, watercolor on Langton cp, 40 x 30 cm
I painted this quickly, with the largest possible brushes and standing. I have tried to paint standing up before, but it didn't feel comfortable. This time I didn't make a point of doing it, it just came naturally. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, that sometimes it is hard to follow the advices from experienced artists, before you have naturally matured into them. So, dear friends, don't stress over following the rules. Just enjoy the process!
Unfortunately, now the back-pain that's been bothering me in the last week, got even worse. Maybe standing was not such a great idea after all :)


Lydie said...

Hope you feel better soon This winter landscape is really beautiful, I love the way you painted the trees.

Christine said...

Un paysage qui me donne envie de chausser mes raquettes. C'est très joli.

Polly Birchall said...

Good technique. The snow on the trees looks really good. I alternative between sitting and standing. But when painting outdoors I stand at an easel as continually bending picking up paint and water from sitting on a little stool affects my back! You can't win. Hope it eases for you.


Wow... que bonito y que frió se ve.

Rita Vaselli said...

I can not paint sitting why not use the wrist, but the arm.
Yesterday, tidying the house, I picked up something from the floor, leaning on his knees, however, as recommended by the physiatrists. But in an instant back pain came ! Yet I had not painted ... I hope you feel better, your landscape is so beautiful and I do not think this is... guilty of backache!

irinapictures said...

I hope your back will be all right soon.
I sit when do sketches, I stand when paint in bigger size (it is more comfortable to move forward and back to check values or color).
So agree about the rules.

Blaga said...

I'm glad you like it, Lydie, thank you!

Merci, Christine! Il est un véritable hiver dehors.

I think I preferred sitting, because I wanted to be closer to the painting, which would make me fiddle. Apparently painting loosely and standing are linked. Thank you for your comment, Polly!

Muchas gracias Ina, es ahora mucho frío afuera.

I agree with you, Rita, shouldn't blame painting for the pain :) In fact, standing is probably better for the body too. Thank you for your nice words!

Thank you for your kind words, Irina!

Merce Ares said...

Hola Blaga. un paisaje muy bello y realmente invernal, se observa muy bien el volumen de la nieve, esta espléndido. Espero que sigas bien de tu espalda. Buena semana!!!!

Jane said...

Clever words Blaga, always best to follow the proper inclinations . I always stand up when painting, but it is so individual what feels best. Your winter scape is beautiful and chilling you kept a wonderful sense of depth , and the snow looks so lovely soft and thick ! xx

AK said...

This is a great work. Robert Wade had mentioned in his blog... winters are made for water colors.

renate said...

Hello Blaga:) Shake my hand about the back pain. I'm in it too, terrible!
I always sit when I paint. Standing I don't feel in control with my hands:) I agree on you, to do you feel most comfortable with. You can't make rules for that!
Your painting is beautiful. I love the depth you gave the river. Sometimes bigger brushes give better results. You have taught me that. Can you remember that? :)

Blaga said...

Muchas gracias Mercedes! Buena semana para ti también

I'm sure you understand it, Jane, that it's all individual and specific and not all advices work for everyone. Thank you!

That's true, Asit, it takes very few brush-strokes to create a winter scene. But that exactly is the hardest task - to minimise the number of brush-strokes :)

I'm sorry to hear that, Renate, the back-pain is not something I would like to share with anyone. Hopefully it goes away soon. Yes, big brush and thinking of it as a sketch. That's when it turns out loose. I have the theory, but often find it hard to apply it to practice :)

Sonia Aguiar said...

Hola Blaga preciosa acuarela. Me gusta la uniformidad de colores, esto hace que la acuarela sea armoniosa.
Estoy de acuerdo contigo hay que disfrutar con la pintura, cada pintor tiene su propio estilo, a mi me gusta como tu pintas :-)
Un abrazo.


beautiful landscape + blues blaga ..hope you feel better soon

Blaga said...

Thank you, Sonia! I used only three colors - ultramarine, alizarine and raw umber. It is easy to keep color uniformity this way.

Thank you, Jane!

Tito said...

Hi Blaga, I like your beautiful winter blue landscape, probably you know that this kind of subjects are among my favourites. I hope your back will be better soon. Take care! Ciao.