Sunday, February 23, 2014

Simply sea

Sea, watercolor 38 x 28 cm
Beach and sea, watercolor 38 x 28 cm
I've been trying to simplify painting the sea. One fluid wash first, leaving some whites for the foam, and then using dry brush to add the shadows of the waves seems to work well. The sand is still giving me trouble though. Texture with salt would work well, if only I could get the right color consistency and amount of salt.

And a note on materials. I have been trying Fabriano Artistico 300g paper lately. I like its white surface and the way colors fuse on it. But I find that it buckles more than Arches so, if working with more water, I would prefer Arches.


Polly Birchall said...

You have the waves crashing on the shore, they may be simple washes but are very effective.

Judy said...

Lovely washes and dry brush work! Your experiments with salt textures will work out too, I'm sure!

Jane said...

Fabriano does buckle a lot if using lots of water, I agree , Arches is definitely better ! The sea is beautifully painted, and sand is hard to do, but I am sure you will succeed with the right amount of salt . Still lovely already though.

Merce Ares said...

Dos acuarelas muy libres y frescas, me agrada la segunda por esa vista del mar. Un saludo!!

Sonia Aguiar said...

Fabriano and Arches are my favourites watercolor papers.
Your paintings are beautiful!!
A hug.

Tito said...

Both are very nice, I particularly like the sea of the first one....and the clouds too. Ciao Blaga!


both are lovely blaga .

Blaga said...

Thank you all friends for your very positive comments!

Floriana Quaini said...

Ciao Blaga,
grazie per avermi proiettato in una dimensione marina ed estiva!
Qui siamo sotto la pioggia da quasi 2 mesi ed è una tristezza infinita!!
Ciao, abbracci, Floriana
I try to translate:
thank you to get me in a dimension
of the sea and of the summer.
Here, in Milan, we are under the rain from 2 month and is very unhappy.

Blaga said...

Hi Floriana, I'm glad if I managed to bring a bit of sun and summer to you. We've been having the worst winter ever. It is -10 now and no warming up in the forecast. That's why I need to escape through painting :)