Monday, January 23, 2017

An apple a day

Apples and pear, watercolor 30 x 23 cm
As I am vary new to acrylics, I need to learn about some basic techniques. So, I got a couple of new books -  one is a very detailed guide in acrylics. The other, Carol Marine's "Daily Painting", an inspiring book with tons of loosely painted pictures and full of good advice. It reminded me of the 10-minute exercise, which I had tried before with watercolor. So, I quickly fixed up a light box, took a stop-watch and there you go...

Painting acrylic studies of an apple
10 minute apples, acrylic study

10 minute pears, acrylic study


Judy said...

Great exercises! What a lovely lightbox!

Sadami said...

Wow, you're a very hard worker. I admire your work. A light box is a beauty! Take it easy, Blaga. Have fun.

Jane said...

Wow you definitely used the 10 minutes to the full, great works. Love how you shaped the apples.