Monday, January 30, 2017

Blue Campanula

Campanula pot, watrecolor 40 x 30 cm
I have never been a "long-stem-roses" kind of girl. A small bunch of violets or bellflower  are enough to make me happy. (someone please tell my husband...)
When I started painting this one, I found myself getting lost among the little bells, feeling tempted to see and depict each one of them. Then I thought how I could simplify the mass of little flowers and tried painting it a second time. I took photos at each stage, so here is the step-by-step:
Photo of my Campanula model

1. After a rough drawing, painted the background,
leaving hard edges on the side from where the light comes

2. After drying completely with a blow-dryer, painted
the cast shadows. Carried these also into the shaded part
of the objects and softened the edges there

3. Painted the flowers as a purple cloud of varying colors,
focusing on values - lighter  on the left and much darker
on the right and bottom. Tried to hint the shapes of
individual flowers at the edges. Also painted the pot.

Campanula pot 2, watercolor 30 x 22 cm

4. The last stage was details - green stems and leaves,
the ribbon, some details of the pot wrapping

And then I had to try it in Acrylic:
Blue Campanula, acrylic on canvas board, 23 x 18 cm (7" x 9 ") (n/a)


Jane said...

Two wonderful versions .Really love the softness of the watercolor, but also the depth and boldness of the acrylic , two definite favorites.

Sadami said...

Dear Blaga, I love the first watercolour most. Thank you for sharing the process that teaches me lot! Acrylic is interesting, yet, I have no idea how to do it. If I were a next door, sure, I will tell your hubby to get you violets. Like you, I love nameless wild flowers more than roses treated like a queen. Oh, yes, if you were a next door, you can teach me how do paint!
Cheers, Sadami

Judy said...

Gorgeous paintings, both versions! I also am a wild flower girl, more than the big cultivates flowers. The colour of the campanula flowers is stunning, both in real life as in your paintings. And I love the dramatic shadow!

Merce Ares said...

Hola Blaga: Hermosas las diferentes versiones, por los colores y sutileza del trazo, pero en acuarela esta impecable. Felicitaciones y saludos!!!


you've captured them beautifully blaga .