Saturday, January 7, 2017

Still lifes

Black pepper, acrylic on canvas board  30 x 22 cm
I have been having fun, painting almost every day since Christmas. I've managed to find at least an hour daily, and this gives me so much satisfaction.
I decided to challenge myself with acrylics and quite liked the results. The opaque paints seem to make things much easier. Although I didn't do any pencil drawing, like I did for the watercolors, the objects came out pretty good. Maybe, just knowing that I can correct mistakes, gives me confidence, and there are no mistakes. Also, painting with acrylics seems much more intuitive. I can paint the objects, as they appear in space, starting from the furthest. Watercolors require a much more abstract view of the scene, in terms of areas of values and colors, instead of objects and planes.

Black pepper, watercolor 30 x 22 cm

Still life with onion, acrylic on canvas board 30 x 22 cm

Vases, watercolor 30 x 22 cm
Yellow jug, acrylic on canvas 25 x 20 cm


Sadami said...

Lovely work, Blaga. Your still life still has life! Cheers, Sadami

Rita Vaselli said...

You have right hand for so lively still life!!! I hope you can continue this beautiful series!!! Have nice start of the week,warm hugs,Rita

Jane said...

So many great works Blaga , and I must say , I had to look twice to convince myself that the third one with the onion really was a painting and not a photo, bravo !

Judy said...

I love seeing both the watercolor version and the acrylic version! Not sure which I like more, they are all very beautiful!