Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Iris, arches 30 x 40 cm
My iris "Immortality" happily blooming in September
There is an iris in full bloom in my garden. When I planted it I knew that it is a re-bloomer and comes back in the fall, but I didn't expect that it will be blooming through August and September and will keep coming up with new flowering stems again and again. This is definitely a winner in my search for long blooming perennials. And as one doesn't get many chances to paint irises in the fall, here it is. I didn't plan well the background and am not very happy with how it turned out, but you get the idea that I was  after strong contrast.


nandadevi said...

Dear Blaga
Excellent work . You painting did bring out the white so well. Beautiful blooms in the garden and in the painting.

Judy said...

Fabulous painting, Blaga! The contrast makes the flowers realle stand out. I love the subtle colors in the flowers. I did not know irises bloom in fall too.

Rita Vaselli said...

Amazing quality of Iris, re-flowering is so rare in these plants! You have caught the motion of the petals and dazzling white, with great grace!

Tito said...

Blaga, I think that you should be proud of your work, it looks to be very nice! I like the drawing of the flower, the whites and also the contrast. Well done! Ciao!

Blaga said...

Thank you, Nanda, you're very kind!

Thank you, Judy! I spent time planning and measuring the values of the color on the petals, and then when I came to the background, I had run out of patience :)

It's really an amazing flower, Rita, it lifts my spirit when I look at its curly white petals. Thank you!

I'm glad you like it, Tito. I wish I had done the background as smoother wet-in-wet wash with soft color fusions... next time :)

Isabelle said...

Genial this iris. something to paint the whole year. your painting is beautiful

Jane said...

Really love this painting,great shadowing and contrast.... and I really envy you this long-flowering Iris, the kind of flowers a garden should be filled with :-)

renate said...

Hello Blaga:) The flowers are so beautiful white! I think it's a beautiful painting. You certanily succeed in the contrast. Great job!


you are lucky ! lovely whites blaga

Laura said...

Gorgeous lilies! (Like all your posts).
Best wishes!